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My SQL 5.0 installation Since Apache and My SQL servers must be installed prior to the PHP installation, I recommend installing the triad in this order: My SQL, Apache, PHP.

You may well have some My SQL server already installed – in that case you can skip directly to the Apache 2 installation.

The rest of this chapter deals with the 4th option – the installation of My SQL from the source.prerequisites Make sure you have superuser (root) privileges and user "mysql" already exists in your system.

If not, create one: # groupadd mysql # useradd -g mysql mysql This will be the default user under which the My SQL server will be running.download the source First, download My SQL source .

# tar -xzf mysql-5.0.37gz # cd mysql-5.0.37# ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql-5.0.37 --with-charset=utf8 --with-collation=utf8_general_ci# make# make install We used the --with-charset and --with-collation options to set the default character set and collation – otherwise it would have been the default Swedish collation.

I recommend creating a symbolic link called "mysql" pointing to the My SQL installation directory, in order to make referring to it from elsewhere easier:# ln -s /usr/local/mysql-5.0.37/ /usr/local/mysql This way we can always refer to My SQL installation directory as /usr/local/mysql .

The obvious advantage is that if you install PHP with the --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql option (see PHP 5 Installation Guide), it won't stop working if the name of the My SQL installation directory changes in the future (if you upgrade your My SQL for instance).create file To complete My SQL server installation, you have to create a configuration file.

It offers several security and control options (here you can limit system resources to be used by My SQL server, set the default collation and character set etc.).

Finally edit the file:# vi /etc/Search for [mysqld] clause, and add immediately below it:user = mysql We have specified that My SQL service is to be run with user "mysql" privileges.All reconditioned parts gauranteed for a minimum of 3 months against failure.Please call Doug in the first instance on 07847391053 sunrise to sunset I am in no way associated with any other ‘VW specialists’ based in the Angmering area or have been any where else just a fresh look with an old skool attitude working on my dream All works to be carried out to the highest standards within budget allowed.infact all early vw’s and most cars up to the early 90′s other newer makes covered by arrangement. Camper interior parts available a trade prices both new and used.New parts avaialble at prices below that available on the internet Many spares available from full engines through to a screw or washer I never throw away something trhat i can recondition.

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