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During the first three years, the Shadow made great gains, and large parts of theworld fell beneath the horror of the Dark One's dominion, however indirectly through human representatives.

And surely, the presence of Myrddraal and Trollocs cannot be called indirect.

Such dates as are given are totally incomprehensible, as no calendar dating from the Age of Legends has ever been found.

Many references to cataclysmic events (dire battles and cities destroyed bybalefire during the War of the Shadow, whole regions covered by the sea and mountain ranges raised overnightduring the Breaking) and to such minutiae as the appearance of a certain person are but curiosities.

We still cannot be certain how long passed between the creation of the Bore and the actual beginning ofwhat would come to be called the War of the Shadow, yet plainly at least fifty years and possibly more than onehundred were marked by a rapid decline in the social order and an equally rapid increase in a thousand ills thatpreviously had been either rare or entirely unknown.

(In the manuscript, this agreementis called "the Fateful Concord," though it was doubtful that this was the name it was generally known.)Lews Therin's plan was too rash, too dangerous, and no woman who agreed to the Concord would takepart in it.

As precise placement of the seals was widely thought to require a circle, that apparently killedthe plan, since men cannot create a circle, but can only be brought into one created by women.

A raiding force -- so they called it, though evenin the light of recent past events it must still seem a large army to most people of this day -- a raiding forceconsisting of some twenty thousand soldiers to provide security and a circle of seven female Aes Sedai and sixmale (the minimum number believed necessary, and all the strongest who could be found) would Travel to Shayol Ghul , the one place on earth where what has been called "a thinness in the Pattern" makes the Boredetectable, and there to implant seals held by the focus points which would close up the Bore and shut the Dark One from the world once more.

This plan was considered risky for a number of reasons.

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