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Famously, Chris Mc Kinlay spent months using K-modes to hack Ok Cupid, only to end up on a string of disappointing dates- and then met his future wife when she messaged him out of the blue.Long’s strategy, I’m happy to report, seems to be more effective.But what about all of those matches that clutter up your notifications, where the person you’ve matched to never replies?Long wanted to go one step further, and identify only the women who genuinely wanted to strike up a conversation.All this is two days, requiring just 60 swipes from the user.Of course, the point of Tinder Box is not to find love- or whatever else you happen to be looking for.Photos containing more than one identifiable face are filtered out, to avoid false positives.The pictures are then normalised, and the pixels are converted into a matrix, and used to create single, “average” faces for your “Yes” and “No” swipes for Eigenface comparison.

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“Tinder has reached critical mass; I feel it’s been adopted by relatable people and the right variety of women.Whilst inventive, these bots don’t take into account personal preference, or get rid of spammers.Long had something a little more sophisticated in mind- a bot which learns your physical “type” using the Eigenfaces facial recognition algorithm, and automatically got the conversation going with your matches.For this, he programmed the bot to start conversations, and use Stanford NLP to analyse the sentiment of responses.“I’ll admit that Stanford NLP’s approach isn’t the best for examining sentiment,” Long confessed.

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