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In New York City, for example, 92 percent of building trades union members [were] white.

Other methods of exclusion included segregating members by race and limiting black access to union licensing programs.Similar organizations, such as the Workers Defense League (itself with union ties through the AFL-CIO and Bayard Rustin, head of the AFL-CIO’s A.Philip Randolph Institute) and Positive Workforce proliferated during the 1960s and 1970s, putting greater pressure on the unions, the courts, and government regulators to address the protesters’ concerns (Freeman 2001; Butler 2011; Roberts 2016).There has been much discussion of diversity in the union sector but very little attention to the hiring decisions of nonunion contractors.Diversity of all blue-collar employment, outside of construction, is presented to provide a benchmark for assessing the diversity within the union and nonunion construction sectors, and within subsectors of the construction sector.

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