Gratis kontakte Düsseldorf

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After a successful career in the corporate world, Nicole felt the calling for a different life.

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gratis kontakte Düsseldorf-13

I received this amazing experience to a higher meditation healing filled with a spiritual practices of love.We are a holistic healing service that offers a range of modalities including coaching which support you to achieve your goals, expand your awareness, enhance your self-healing and connect from within.Also available is the Crystal Light Healing Bed that can assists in releasing any dis-ease, dis-comfort by balancing and clearing negative energies.We are located on the NSW Central Coast near Gosford; see our website for more info: I am passionate about health and wellness and having worked in the healing industry for the past 20 years I was very excited to visit John of God Healing Centre in Abadainia in May 2012.The three weeks at The Casa Dom Inacio were truly life changing for me and I was thrilled to be granted permission to purchase the Crystal Light Therapy Bed.

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