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That's how Koreans live though; one nice thing that is going to last and do everything it needs to do, instead of multiple cheap things that are just going to break and be replaced repeatedly.

When I go shopping at almost any store, everything is super expensive in my opinion.If the country rebounded quickly, they'd have gotten in on their real estate and capital investment cheaply. Combine that with a bit of a nationalist sentiment that favors local companies, and you've got an 0 million loss on your hands.If the economy stagnated or deteriorated, they'd be in the kind of competitive environment that discount retailers thrive in. Y'know, getting into Korea with the American discounting model still might've been worth a try.Where ever you go, unless you're buying second handed furniture, it's going to be expensive. I think the Korea furniture industry has exquisite taste.In that sense, I personally love IKEA in how modern and simple their designs are with bright colors and such.

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