Black knight dating society

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In the course of this bloody quest – and with the assumed approval of the audience – he shoves a bomb up the rectum of a Mexican conspirator, then triggers its explosion.

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As each clown completes a task, another shoots him point-blank in the head.The scene ends with a clown – The Joker – stuffing a bomb into a wounded bank employee's mouth.After the murderous clown heist, things slip downhill. It's all a comic-book fantasy, and comic books are well known for their surreal, cartoonish bursts of violence.Many well-meaning parents, lulled by memories of the stylised, somewhat camp nature of Bond films in the past – and perhaps reassured by the softer 12A rating – were minded to indulge their younger children in a sophisticated treat.But Casino Royale, starring Daniel Craig, was in fact a new kind of Bond film, shot like a realistic action thriller.

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