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Grizzly paws are bigger than those of African lion and helps him to swipe stronger while fighting with its competitor.

Grizzly can stands on its hind legs for a long time while African lion can stand and this is the very big advantage for grizzly.

In addition to five terrorist incidents in London and Manchester this year, security agencies have foiled nine plots since the Westminster atrocity in March.

The committee also assessed the threat from so-called 'foreign fighters' who left Britain and other countries to take part in fighting alongside IS, which is also known as Daesh.

African Lion the apex predator of African jungle is found in sub Saharan Africa, it is one of the dangerous predators in the world which can weigh up to 180 kg with the body length of 6 ft 1 inch including head and the shoulder height can be vary from 3 ft 4 inch to 3 ft 8 inch.MI5 has raised alarm about a huge surge in the number of 'high risk' terror suspects after the threat to Britain moved up a gear.A report has given a stark insight into the challenge facing the security services, revealing that they are devoting more resources to monitoring individuals who have received terrorist training or are plotting attacks.Since the start of the conflict in Syria, more than 850 UK-based individuals 'of national security concern' are thought to have travelled to the region.It is thought about half of those have returned, more than 300 are believed to still be in Syria, and about 100 have been killed.

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